The project is co-funded by EU through the Interreg-IPA CBC Bulgaria–Serbia Programme.


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“Creative Caravan” represents the synergy of the academic and entrepreneurial community, which gives the opportunity to create new business models and innovative practices. The program aims to motivate young people to be engaged in entrepreneurship and improve business environment with their modern solutions.

The project is intended for students of the final years of studies, who are entering the business world, but also for graduates who have just begun to develop their careers. On the other hand, the program is designed for entrepreneurs who are at the beginning of their business and who need support from young people, their skills and creative energy.

The program is designed to have both educational and practical character at the same time. Selected participants will have the opportunity to pass training for business skills, where they will learn and work on solving a business task from an entrepreneur. The task will cover different segments of business: optimization of production, marketing, innovation in business, design. In this way, young people from Serbia and Bulgaria will have practical experience, go through training and lectures by experts from these two countries, and they will be empowered to create innovative business solutions. In addition, small entrepreneurs would be given the opportunity to improve their business, develop the brand and get a sustainable business plan.


We are looking for young people who want to help social enterprises to grow!