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25.12.2019 18:42

Creative caravan by Aleksandra Pavlovic

Entrepreneurship. What is the accurate definition of this word? Well, I should freely say a person who is able to set realistic but challenging goals for himself as well as for others in the organization.

Entrepreneur is a good team leader and a motivator. His role is to build up his team, educate them and also provide an environment for creativity and good work culture. The term ‘creativity’ is quite often used around us and innovations are considered as a process of idea generation and their implementation. Therefore, innovation is about creating new ways to improve something. It has always associated with creativity. Innovation is a process where people combine different ideas and practices in a new productive way. So, creativity has always been connected to innovation and innovation is essence of entrepreneurship.

After all, creativity becomes necessity in every organization. The core of an organization are people. People have the most important role in business. Business model and product will follow if you have the right people.

In my opinion, to be creative is to be yourself, to express all aspects of your personality. Our task is to leave our comfort zone and to find the way, because no one has ever discovered anything new by colouring inside the lines.