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25.12.2019 18:44

Creative caravan by Teodora Asenovva

Actually, I cannot say how I see myself as an entrepreneur, because I do not have any experience in this sphere, but it will be interesting to learn something new. So that I am here now.

I don’t know what to study after graduating from my school and attending such a project, but in different spheres, will be helpful. In this way I can choose what to study easily and what fits me best.

So if I become an entrepreneur, maybe it wil be language-related, because I love learning languages and that is my passion. Maybe I will become a private teacher or a translator and I will work for myself. Of course, I will start working for someone else, but during the ages I hope to become self-employed. I think there is nothing better than the private business. In this way you choose your staff, your principles, but of course, you have to approve the opinion of your workers, because they will give you useful tips you do not know or you do not suppose. As an entrepreneur I will be very hard-working, persistent, ambitious, stubborn and  outgoing. Also I will be realistic, because it is very important to know both outcomes of a given situation , brave, in order to take risks, because entrepreneurship Is accompanied by risks. I think that these are the necessary qualities you should have in order to become successful in your life and in your business.

That is how I see myself as an entrepreneur. Maybe my opinion will change as I am growing up, but now I think in this way.