The project is co-funded by EU through the Interreg-IPA CBC Bulgaria–Serbia Programme.
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25.12.2019 18:45

Creative caravan by Vasilije Injac

My profession is very universal and applicable to different fields.

I’m very interested in seeing some of the possibilities of what I can do with it.

It will be great to experience teamwork with people from different fields and backgrounds.
We will be working with businesses and I look forward to getting to know the businesses and the people who run them and to hear their stories. 

This will be my first time on a project where my profession will be directly applied which will be very valuable for future references. 

I will get new inspiration and ideas that will be usable even after the project. 

We will work with people from Bulgaria, it will be fun to see similarities and differences when working together.

Experiencing days of working on a project and really getting into the real-world problematic is very valuable for us.

We get to travel the region and see what real day to day life is like for our neighbours and they get to experience the same in our city. 

I am really looking forward to contributing on this project, it’s a wonderful positive idea that will truly help people in meaningful real-world ways.