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25.12.2019 18:40

Creative caravan by Veljko Sicevic

 Being an entrepreneur at the same time it’s both easy and difficult, you have to direct yourself and build a value system by which you will function on. It’s easy because you always have understanding for yourself, but it’s difficult because at the same time, every success depends entirely on you.

Every entrepreneur should have experienced consultants, especially if he is young, and needs to make a lot of connection, constantly thinking of new ways to improve himself and what he does. In my opinion, successful entrepreneur is the one who does not let it turn into a 24/7 job, but the one who works small and intelligent so that efficiency and productivity are the main value.

It would be ideal if an entrepreneur works to improve the community which he or she lives and works in, making changes in the environment that benefit many around him. It’s not all about personal benefit.