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29.12.2019 16:15

New challenges

With increase in social problems, new challenges have risen for commercial firms which follow traditional business practices. There has been an increase in the number of companies that have started to think about corporate social responsibility (CSR). On the other hand, organizations that particularly target to soothe these social pressures have increased progressively as well. Nonetheless, these two practices above have their restrictions due to the crucial emphasis on either profit maximization or social value only. Now the main question which drills down is to accomplish the social mission and gather financial sustainability simultaneously which has stirred researchers and entrepreneurs to explore further in this field. In the times of this increasingly prevailing chaos, social entrepreneurship comes to the rescue. Though there are many examples of successful social entrepreneurship ventures and industries in the recent years, this notion is still a new one. In times when many countries are specifically facing the dilemma cited above and are searching for ways to cope up with the burdens from both economy and society, it is meaningful to examine why this kind of business venture is budding and spreading globally and how its theory and procedure could be defined and explained.