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08.05.2020 18:33

Other types of culture

When it comes to other types of culture, it should be noted that the entrepreneurial spirit is most ”supported” by the culture of the ”Incubator”. The culture of the Eiffel Tower is characterized by a task orientation, as well as a strong emphasis on hierarchy. It symbolizes a typical bureaucratic high organization - narrow at the top and broad at the core, where the roles and tasks are clearly defined and coordinated by the top leaders, while authority stems from the position or role of the person in the organization rather than the personality. Guided Rocket Culture is a task-oriented culture. In this sense, the organizational structure, processes and resources are also focused on the realization, ie achievement of specific tasks / goals. Power comes from skill, not formal hierarchy. Incubator culture implies orientation towards the person as well as emphasizing employee equality. This kind of culture supports a company that serves as an incubator for self-fulfillment and self-expression of its employees, and, in that sense, is generally a good basis for entrepreneurship development.