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08.05.2020 13:22

Some research results on entrepreneurs’ emotional intelligence

According to the results of the regression analysis, the influence of all elements of emotional intelligence on the success of entrepreneurs is statistically significant. The most significant influence is identified for the following three elements: self-consciousness, empathy and self-control. This means that entrepreneurs should pay particular attention to the development of these elements of emotional intelligence if they are to ensure the successful realization of the entrepreneurial venture. The research results unequivocally indicate that emotional intelligence is a concept entrepreneurs should become familiar with, that is, become aware that, in addition to traditional characteristics, they must develop some others that may be equally or even more significant for their success. If only motivation as an entrepreneur's characteristic is to be understood, as is the need to develop social skills, as they are necessarily directed to communicate directly with actors outside the enterprise (suppliers and customers), then certainly a significant research result shows that even greater influence on entrepreneurial success have the remaining three elements of emotional intelligence. However, given that the sample size is a significant limitation of the research, it is desirable to increase the sample size significantly in the future, so that the results can be considered representative and not merely informative.